Channelling our inner Charlie– why hashtagging is the new weapon of choice

What are you saying about yourself and your views when you take part in the # phenomenon? My friend Bea has aptly discussed the consequences of this platform to take part in expressing your own views. The # as a unifying symbol of our freedom and scope for diversity.

The Virtual Wallflower

Did you proclaim yourself to be Charlie? Here’s my little bit of psychoanalysis on what using the hashtag #jesuischarlie says about us, and why social media was our platform of choice to rally against the infringement of Free Speech.


Even a light-hearted blog has to take a turn for the serious on occasion, and when the right to free journalism is called into question, there seems no better time. Here’s my humble opinion on a social media rally that has generated universal support and criticism – I present you with my own interpretation of ‘being Charlie,’ for the everyman. Whilst we’re fighting for ‘freedom of speech,’ I decided that the best rebuttal to the breach of this principal is the expressing of your own opinion, in the hope that, in the name of what everyone is apparently protesting for, it will be accepted, understood, maybe contradicted but nonetheless, you won’t…

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