My tips for making your own greetings cards

When it comes to Christmas, Birthday or thank you cards I like to make my own. It’s a thoughtful way of communicating to someone and the card will be treasured so much more. I admit it’s very easy to get stuck for ideas, so here are a few I’ve made in the past to give you some inspiration.


a drawing of Mum’s perfume for her mother’s day card

a miniature scrapbook for my dad's birthday card, with clippings from an art exhibition

a miniature scrapbook for my Dad’s birthday card, with clippings from an art exhibition


I used and old birthday card and added it to the card

I added an old birthday card and wrote on top of it

brussel sprouts

a Christmas card for my Grandma

brussel sprouts 2 I like the shape of this card, it stands up well and you can have the opening at the front or back. I added the ribbon to make it look like you’re opening a present.

Top Tip–  Keep a store of magazines to delve into when you’re looking for colourful backgrounds.


a montage of seasonal flowers for Easter cards

a colourful collage for my Grandma's birthday card

a colourful collage for my Grandma’s birthday card

Top Tip– Adding funny speech bubbles or a moving caption to one of your own photos makes the card ten times more memorable.

mothers day

pictures of my Mum and I for her Mother’s Day card

dog walk 1

Dad’s Birthday card

dog walk 2


Mum’s Birthday card, picture of my Brother and I

flower card 1

my Grandma’s 90th Birthday card

flower card 2

real pressed flowers

flower card 3 These pressed flowers were left over from my temporary flower tattoo, you can see how to press the flowers here. I’m really proud of this card, each of the nine flowers represents a decade of my Grandma’s life.

scan card

an 18th Birthday card for my friend Abi

Top Tip– Scan pictures into your computer with magazine pages or objects in the background.

Here I’ve scanned in an advert for ‘infinite youth’ beauty serum for my friend Abi’s 18th Birthday card. Before, I’ve added a necklace chain in the background. Alternatively, you can scan in memorabilia that you don’t want to give away, such as festival or concert tickets.

flower match

a Birthday card for my Grandma, mimicking her Birthday flowers

Top Tip– Match the card to the present. I drew the flowers that I’d bought for my Grandma’s Birthday and she ended up adding a purple ribbon to the vase of flowers, just like I’d put on the card!
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