Autumnal Flower Tattoos

For Halloween, I dressed up as Decay… ‘decay personified’. This involved lots of leaves, petals and eyelash glue. rose petals petals togethereyelash glue Over the summer I trialled Oh Comely magazine’s flower tattoos and halloween was another excuse to don the petals again. decay petals 2I should’ve used more dramatic makeup. Even so, I think the colour combination of flowers worked really well. In my last post I talked about using eyelash glue instead of vaseline and microwaving the flowers if you don’t have time to press them. I did both of these things this time, although for the thicker petals the microwave turns them brown rather than drying them out so I stuck them on al dente. The eyelash glue does hold out, after a good six or seven hours of wear (whilst in party-mode) the petals and leaves stayed on. leaves But here’s a quick tip… never ever take eyelash glue out with you in your clutch bag. I returned home with the insides of my bag stuck together and my things scattered in different friends’ pockets.

If you want to try out the flower tattoos here is my previous post which gives a step by step guide. HAT_7745 I recommend going to a florist to pick out individually the types of flowers you want to use as you only need one or two samples of each flower or foliage. I went to The Flowerman in Broadmead, Bristol to pick my bunch.

florist x2

The Arcade, Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 3JA

Seeing as though I didn’t use many of the rose petals I decided to hang up the rose to dry in my room. My housemate thinks it looks morbid, perhaps more like death and decay than I looked in my Halloween costume. rose

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