Dipping my toes into fashion journalism

I’m starting my 2nd year at Bristol University and this term, as well as my Philosophy studies, I have the position of Deputy Style Editor for my student newspaper: Epigram.


A sneaky selfie. One of my outfits from Epigram training week. Skirt, H&M. Top, vintage (mum’s). Hat, Jack Wills. Rucksack, vintage.

We had a training week before Freshers when I learnt to use photoshop properly and started to master the tricks of InDesign, the software we use to lay up the content onto our pages.


The green line of pain that is extracting images from their backgrounds.


I know these images don’t look like much, but once you’ve ruined your eyesight carefully drawing around the edges of the models, they suddenly look like they’re worth sharing…

I am absolutely loving the experiences and people that Epigram is exposing me to. In regards to all the motivated students on the team as well as alumni and media contacts. Through Epigram our style team managed to get press passes to two shows at Bristol Fashion Week at Cribbs Causeway shopping centre and in two weeks I’m going along to a preview evening and student lock-in at one of my favourite shops on Park Street, BS8! The greatest part, though, is that now I have an excuse to go and talk to anyone looking trendy; whenever I’m at any uni events, or just on campus, I’m thinking about who to snap for street style pictures to put on the epigram Instagram page that we’ve newly set up:  @epigramstyle .

Heres a quick look at the e2 section of the first issue this year (style pages on pg. 9-11).

All four editors, Maddy, Emma, Beth and I, wrote a small column on what would be our wardrobe staple for freshers’ week. My choice was my fluffy, feather collar- pictured below. Not simply because of its amazing texture, but because it transforms me into a much more confident person.


I mentioned in the column how the feather collar reminds me of the poem ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’ (1819) by John Keats. It’s my all time favourite poem and the dark but delicate, mossy green texture of my collar, captures the ambience of the poem. It makes me think of ‘the sedge… withered from the lake’ and the mysterious ‘faery’s child’.

la belle dame sans merci

John William Waterhouse ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’ 1893. 

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